Perfume of eternity

The ancient Egyptians were also very attentive to their physical aspect. They made perfumes without alcohol in the scents of lily, lotus, souchet …

Hatshepsout, quite as Néfertari or Cléopâtre, granted a big importance for perfumes and for body care.

For your well-being and your health, we propose you various dried plants, seeds, spices and medicinal oil.

Consult our products "natural Essences"
natural essence Lotus

Floral, captivating aroma. Symbol of spirituality. Bring peace and calmness to the body and spirit.
natural essence Eucalyptus

Fresh aroma, medicinal, wooded. Freshen the atmosphere, stimulate and purify. Help to clear spirit in meditation.
natural essence neroli

Fresh and floral aroma, heady. Antidepressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, sedative. Calm and goes back up the morale at the nervous persons. Calm the feelings. Facilitate the spiritual healing.
natural essence Rose

Floral, sweet aroma. Relieve sadness, sorrow, disappointment. Unconditional love.
natural essence Orange

Soft and freshening aroma. Calming and balancing, provide well-being feeling. Spread high spirit and optimism. Slow down irrational fright of unknown, reduce doubts on itself. Renew subtle and stagnant energies.
natural essence Jasmine

Floral and delicate aroma. Sensual, aphrodisiac. Allow recovery to confidence and optimism. Help intuitive meditation and release imagination.
natural essencee Mint

Fresh, tonic and powerful aroma. Stimulate the body and spirit, help clearness and vivacity. Effective against transport sickness, nauseas, headaches.
natural essence Lavender

Fresh, floral, gentle aroma. Appease and balance. Eliminate nervous tense. Make sleep and relaxation easier. Put few drops on the pillow.
natural essence lemon

Fresh and tonic aroma. Purify and freshen the atmosphere. Feeling of well-being, open the heart.
natural essence Ginger

Spicy, wooded aroma. Well-known for its aphrodisiac qualities. Stimulating, warming up, strengthening. Revive the body and emotions during winter.
natural essence Violet

Soft and floral aroma. Strengthen and appease. Reduce anxiety, insecurity, nervous exhaustion. Good for meditations which reduce sorrow.
natural essence tangerine

Soft, floral aroma. Relaxing and calming. Appease the hyperactive brain. Eliminate stress and anxiety. Restore sleep.
natural essence Patchouli

Rich and bewitching aroma. Sensual, erotic, oriental. Excellent to reduce anxiety and depression. Calm excess of thoughts, help to settle and focus.
natural essence Niaouli

Soft and fresh aroma. Powerful stimulating. Used with the help of a diffuser, help to entertain mental clearness, encourage study and meditation.
natural essence Ylang Ylang

Fresh, floral and heady aroma. Help anxious, depressives and hyperactive persons. Generate a peaceful feeling. Few drops in the bath to relax.
natural essence OLIBAN INCENSE

Warm and rich balsamic aroma. Reduce fright, anxiety, nervous tense, stress. Help to meditation.