Perfume of eternity

The medicine of the ancient Egyptians has an unmistakable reputation. Some papyrus proves us that it allows to treat numerous diseases.

The priests, first and foremost, looked and it is naturally in the temples that they exercised their art.
The priest became therapist after dedicating enough time to a true metaphysical reflection and the cares were thus distributed by taking into account the sacred dimension of the person. Aromatic and medicinal herbs entered the composition of preparations for medicinal purposes or offerings.

Today, we find in our pharmacopoeia various plants such as the black cumin, sesame, green anise, mint….

For your well-being and your health, we propose a wide range of dried plants, seeds, spices and medicinal oils.

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oil plant Wormwood

Digestive virtues, vermifuge.
oil Garlic

Prevention of the cardiovascular diseases, hypo tensor, effective against the cholesterol
oil Almond

Hydrate, protect and balance the dry skins
Seeds oil anise

Digestive, diuretic properties, expectorant. Calm down the cramps of the stomach, the aerophagy and the asthma.
oil Basil

For digestive problems. Settle the neuro-vegetative, antispasmodic system, the tropical infections diseases.
oil Cactus

Make the rate of glucose lower in the blood
Flowers oil Chamomile

For the digestive problems. Antispasmodic, analgesic, its oil cleanses the skin, protects wrinkles..
Spices Stick oil Cinnamon

The digestion and the breath stimulant. Antiseptic, antispasmodic, antioxidant. Manganese and iron.
oil Carrot

Digestive stimulant, hormonal disorders. Problems of skin (psoriasis, eczema, boil). Rich in vitamin A

Regulate the endocrine system. Diuretic, antispasmodic, rheumatisms, cystitis, facilitates the digestion. Tonic of the body and the mind.
oil lemon

Antibacterial, antiseptic, against the virus, stimulate the bloodstream, general stimulant, help to the digestion.
oil Colocynth

Laxative, indicated for the gout, cirrhose.
Berries oil Coriander

Relieve intestinal pains, flatulence and bloating
oil Garden cress

Confusion of the digestion. Decrease the rate of nicotine to smokers.
Seeds oil Black cumin

Coetaneous infections (eczema, psoriasis), calmness, anti-inflammatory drug. Advised for the dry and sensitive skins. Strengthen the immune system.
Spice Curcuma

Protection of the mucous membrane of the stomach. Increase the biliary activity. Facilitate a good digestion. Good antioxidant.
oil Gum Frankincense

Tonic and energetic anti-infections of the respiratory tracts. Indicated for the rheumatisms and the sportsmen’s care.
oil Fennel

Relieve the dyspepsia, the aerophagy, the spasmodic colitis..
Seeds oil Fenugreek

Stimulant of the appetite. Settle the rate of insulin. Reduced the cholesterol and the triglycerides
Berries oil Juniper

Relieve the rheumatisms. Urinary and intestinal antiseptic. Purgative.
oil Pomegranate

Antiparasitic intestinal. Troubles of stomach and ulcers. Rich in vitamin C.
Flowers oil Hibiscus

Excellent hypo tensor. Diuretic, tonic, facilitate the digestion. Soft drink.
oil Seeds Linseed

Cardiovascular protection. Rich in omega 3.
Flowers oil Marjoram

Anti-inflammatory and smoothing effects. Articular, lung and digestive problems (gastritis, ulcers)
leaves oil Mint

Antibacterial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, fungicide properties. Effective for the indigestions, flatulences, stomach pains.
oil nut

Energetic and convenient for the convalescents. Skincare. Calcium and vitamin E
oil Onion

General stimulant. Cleanse the blood. Diuretic.
oil plant Barley

Urinary problems. Kidney stones. Diuretic properties.
oil Parsley

Cleanse the skin and the acne. Eliminate kidney stones. Diuretic.
oil Purslane

Hypo tensor, ant diabetic, diuretic. In prevention of the cardiovascular diseases. Vitamin C.
oil Radish

Intestinal inflammations. Effective for the liver. Also process the rheumatisms.
oil Liquorice roots

Anti-inflammatory and smoothing effects. Articular, lung and digestive problems (gastritis, ulcers)
oil Castor-oil plant

For the constipation. Skincare and hair.
oil Rocket

For respiratory diseases. Tonic for nerves.
oil Seeds Sesame

Facilitate the bloodstream. Against the demineralization, the cholesterol. Used in cosmetic. Excellent for the skin (vitamins A and E).
The papyrus of Ebers
(1500 years BC) shows some of 700 remedies.